Speak Up


One in Four Women Worldwide Will Be a Victim of Domestic Abuse in Her Lifetime. Shhhh…Don’t tell! That’s the message that most of these victims hear.

Domestic violence knows no race, income, age, or religion. It does not discriminate against the lives it affects, the families it tears apart, and the victims it leaves behind to pick up the pieces.

After surviving her own abusive relationship, Natalie Elise is determined to help other women, not only survive but come out of these situations stronger, with more confidence and higher self-esteem. 

Her nationally recognized empowerment campaign is a series of discussions and seminars dedicated to helping other survivors:

  • Tell Their Stories
  • Engage in Self-Help Discussions
  • Hear Empowering Messages
  • Partner with Professional Help Outlets
  • ... and more.

Let’s start the conversation, increase awareness, and educate women on how to prevent and/or STOP domestic violence from happening in their lives!