Natalie Elise

Natalie Elise

Bold, daring, unapologetic and savvy, Natalie Elise has become known as one of America’s favorite South Philly go-getters and celebrity makeup artist & hair stylist.

Her sexy, classy style coupled with her south Philly roots and sheer natural beauty barely tip the iceberg of why this alluring visionary has taken television and the beauty industry by storm. Her brand, which has strong women’s empowerment themes throughout, also has massive appeal to millennials, mothers and other budding entrepreneurs.

Her keen fashion sense, love for beauty, dedication to philanthropy and her entrepreneurial spirit have propelled her to launch and successfully run several businesses, her domestic violence initiative and her beauty and cosmetic line, Natalie Elise Beauty.

With a growing social media platform of over a half of million followers, Natalie remains gracious and humble and attributes much of her success to risk taking and her innate business acumen that comes from watching a long lineage of family entrepreneurship in the funeral home business. 

With all of her success, Natalie has also been no stranger to adversity and pain, especially after losing her father recently and nearly her own life in a domestic abuse relationship, all of which she shared with the world after joining the hit show, Mob Wives, during its fourth season.


“I tell women every day that you do not have to live your life to make other people happy. Never fold to anyone’s judgment. I own being a powerful, millennial woman, and for me that means being sexy, tough, feminine, hardworking and most of all unapologetic.”


Mother | Entrepreneur | Television Personality | Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle Influencer | Philanthropist | Domestic Violence Advocate

It was on the heels of this painful encounter that Natalie’s work with families impacted by domestic violence began. 

Outside of managing her businesses, Natalie prides herself on having found the recipe to the balancing act of being a devoted and nurturing mother to her son, Nunzio Gianni, and all of the other areas of her life. 

Natalie’s brand is dedicated to encouraging other women and mothers to find their voice, their power and their strength to get out of toxic and damaging relationships and to be their authentic self.